• Made form durable cast iron

  • Versatile bracket to allow mounted on a roof or wall

  • Bracket, directional arms and fittings included

  • Head size (figure): 274 mm x 167 mm approximately

  • Base height: 460 mm approximately

  • Installation Advice

    We recommend that your weathervane is installed by a qualified tradesperson who will assess the installation location for suitability.

    The weathervane will arrive matte black-primed. Before installation, paint it with an exterior metal paint to provide a top coat. Alternatively, coat it with a penetrating oil and water-displacing spray such as WD40 to prevent corrosion.

    Owing to its decorative nature and material, this weathervane may be more susceptible to corrosion and damage in coastal and exposed locations.

    The weathervane top or "head" is held on with a locking screw. The locking screw should be secure enough to stop the top of the weathervane coming off, but should not be so tightly fastened that it prevents the vane from turning.

    Light engineering grease can be applied to the pole component to help the vane turn freely. Full installation instructions are included with your weathervane.

    Maintenance Advice

    Inspect your weathervane annually and carrying out the following maintenance if required:

    • Repaint or treat as necessary to prevent corrosion
    • Check the shaft sleeve is clear of dirt and debris
    • The shaft itself has a point on which it rotates. Check this point is sharp (not blunt) or damaged
    • Apply a light engineering grease to the shaft and within the shaft sleeve (tube)

    Black Country Metal Works Cast Iron Old Father Time Weathervane - B0779F32KL

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    Black Country Metal Works Cast Iron Old Father Time Weathervane - B0779F32KL

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